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15HH 1″   EE nZ

PSSM1 nn

FIS nn


Selected as “Ambassador of the Breed” by the NAAGA committee in 2012


Stud Fee

$2,000 Gypsy Mares

$1,500 NON Gypsy Mares

Multiple Mare Discount

St Clarins is a stallion who goes beyond all expectations.

He is fearless, bold, a true warrior and still has the elegance and capacity to please the crowds by
enjoying love and the adoration he receives holding court for his fans.

He is world reknown and respected for his athletic ability.

He can face off a bull in the style of the Marialva of Portugal, as well as fight the waves of the
California coast.

St Clarins can move like any finely tuned engine to compete in all diciplines.

He drives wonderfully and is met with a carriage full of fans, calmly taking them throughout the Santa Ynez Valley in California.

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