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Black Forest Mares

This breed of horse is nearly extinct and there are about 1200 or so left in the world. It is an amazing breed and only 23 in USA.


Be one of the chosen to own your own purebred Black Forest horse as you will have a magnificent experience as well as a special superb friend for life! Below is a quote from Ursula Seidel, from whom I bought my first 3 Black Forest horses. 


Ursula is a true lover and one of the first to bring the Black Forest horses to North America from Germany.


2009 Chestnut (ee) Black Forest Mare 14.2 hh

Faroe x Ramona

Foaled a Purebred Black Forest filly by our own Sir Dante

This filly is FOR SALE

In Foal to St Clarins for March 2018 

“The Black Forest Drafts have been an endangered breed since middle part of last century, when machinery overtook their usefulness as work horses in the Black Forest of Germany.The breed would have died out had the German government not stepped in and introduced a regulated breeding program and promotion.

There were none outside Europe until I brought Franceska’s mother Ramona to Seattle in 2001, and Christian brought over a small herd to Canada. That’s why the limited numbers here in North America. ” Ursula Seidel

This rare breed will hopefully create interest from those who appreciate a wonderful special exotic companion … The Black Forest Horses are, to me, the most elegant and useful of most breeds..they can work until others would quit. They have stamina like no other and would take their drivers or riders on to any level desired.

Thank heavens, haphazard breeding is controlled thank by the German government and Ursula and Elizabeth here in the USA..However, the smart thing would be to create a palate or two and bring a small herd to USA and seriously begin to create interest in this magnificent breed. I have done all I can but have at my age many other horses and projects and pray this breed grows with love and selectivity and does not fall asunder.